Taking a moment

Hello, 2016. 

Another year has come and gone. I welcome in the new year with open(very open) arms as 2015 proved to be a trying year. While each year has its ups and downs, sideways, and maybe even loops, 2015 was no exception. This past year I turned the ripe age of seventeen. The age of college applications, annoying parents, and a zit or three. Throughout 2015 my mind drifted from its usual happy cloud to a cluster fucked mess of chaos. In 2015 I came to the realization that my childhood was coming to an end and I would soon be facing “the real world.” With every passing day I would spend my time thinking about the memories and the time I would never regain in my life. I would roominate about the toys I used to play with and the undeniable speed of life. Every inch of my body focused on the on the future and dwelled on the past. My energy was devoted to over thinking, panicking, anxiety, and the eventual slump into severe depression.  I 2015 I forgot to live. While being a teen is a fun ‘ole time, I’d say most would agree that it is also a hard time of change. This change being the transformation from awkward adolescent to young adult. If I took anything from 2015 it is that we as humans cannot slow time and must enjoy every moment. As the New Years bell rings I welcome change in the light of growth. In 2016 I promise to let loose and smile more. In 2016 I vow to live.   

             Cheers to the new year. 🍻

Outfit curtsey of Zara.  


Le Wintour

Oh, with her iconic bob and stellar jewels. Her dark shades and pursed lips. It is fair enough to say Anna Wintour is the most magesic creature gallivanting on earth’s crust. People of this sort always put me in awe when I ponder what kind of alternative life they lead. Anna Wintour by day, stripper by night? Only jokes, people. Seriously, though. Her cold mistique sends heads spinning out of severe cogitation questioning her motives. What does Anna do when she isn’t quietly ruling the world? She may be the kinkiest person on the planet. Her favorite song may be Firework by Katy Perry or Barbie Girl by Aqua. She might even play an oboe. I can’t help but to wonder if she ever dances in her underwear, eats chicken wings, or binge watches Netflix. Is she even a human? Only her near and dearest know the answer to this one. The beautiful mystery of Le Wintour will forever live on, softly, with Chanel sunnies.  

Photo credit: Siamzone

A thought

A Fashion FU

In my culminating expriece of life thus far I have noted that those of the sartorial mindset tend dress for themselves first and for others, well, never…maybe. A true fashion diehard gives no thought to wearing their leopard coat with their denim cutoffs other than to live up to their wildest fashion daydreams. This argument goes hand and hand with the idea that women dress for themselves and not for men. This is a defintite tried and true belief. I know there is women out there that wake up and the first thought that crosses their mind is what extra tight bustier they can wear today to impress the bartender next door; however, I can guarantee most women are not about that life. On the flipside of fashion, at what point do we begin to dress for others? I recall back to my earliest middle school frocks and how I would try so hard to dress as crazy as possible. At first I was truly dressing for me, myself and I. It got to the point where people, particularly the Abercombie trending bitches, would question my outfit choices as if I was a spirit from hell. I loved how they viewed me as an eccentric misfit and I adored how pissed off they would get when I would continue to dress as I did. It became a fashion f**k you. The more my clothing infuriated them, the wilder my garb would get. This isn’t too strange of a situation either. I believe while we dress for ourselves, there’s always that fashion devil on our shoulders waiting to flip the birdy to the next victim. A fashion f**k you.  

Taking a moment

Wicker Park, Chicago

In a city of Midwest perfection, the lakeside metropolis, Chicago, is chalk full of hidden gems. On a short ride upon the city’s Blue Line lies the Polish dwelling of Wicker Park. This once neighborhood of immigrants has in the last number if decades become a sprawling urban community with no shortage of hipsters and cute cafes. The district has been ranked number four in the nation for level of hipsterness, whatever that means (jokes). A venture to Wicker Park has always been in the back of my mind especially after watching the somewhat dark yet romantic movie with Diane Kruger entiled “Wicker Park.” And yes, the movie does in fact take place in Wicker Park. Once among the old brick vacades of the buildings and weathered sidewalks, one can really get lost in their old headspace here. As I was walking around it felt as though I was transportated back in time to maybe the 1950s, possibly even the 30s. There’s something so nostalgic about the streets in WPB(official lingo :p). I also noted the amount of crazies I saw huffing around. I love crazy people. They make everything just that more interesting. Another great tidbit about Wicker Park is the abundance of vintage stores and great high end boutiques. A day is not made without a great vintage store, I must say. If the chance ever fabricates itself, take an adventure yonder to the ever sparkling Wicker Park.  


Hair flips and all. 


Denim Dreams

I feel like the weather dictates much of posting, but I guess so does my sartorial choices… Denim is a no brainer no matter rain or shine. However, recently with the weather warming up and a new spark of inspiration emerging from the deepest depths of my closet, my classic denim has revived itself.  I love denim so much sometimes I could marry it. Would that be weird? Probably, yes. No matter how hot it gets I still am drawn to my everlasting mom jeans.  


These jeans complete my life. I actually purchased them at Goodwill for five dollars. Goodwill! Five dollars! After purchase I proceeded to tear, shred  and cuff them to make the perfect staple mom jeans. 



Mom jeans: Goodwill

Sandals: H&M London 

Crop peasant top: Zara

Metallic loafers: Topshop


Poodle or Coat?

The weather as of now is definitely hormonal. This constant change from cold to %#%#^$$&$ cold, has got me thinking about which coats I will be sporting this season. They say a woman’s shoes makes them, however I beg to differ as a woman’s coat definitely defines her. The palatial fabric one drapes their body in truly shows their personality. A sleek, modern camel coat may read as sophisticated or simple and safe. The hardcore coat rockers are those who chose to wrap themselves in a poodle. Yes, a poodle; nubby, soft, poodley goodness. So, this cold as F season, chose to sport a poodle. Just imagine yourself strolling down the street, eyes in awe and babbling mouths asking “Poodle or Coat”?

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Too Cool for Schoolz

School is fully back in swing, hard to wrap my head around it. As much as I want to hold onto summer, fall is here and it’s time to get back into the fashion groove. This time of year I like to transition my wardrobe by incorporating summer favorites into falls new. This starts with a base; usually a basic white tee and an amazing pair of chunky shoes. This season I’ve been OBSESSED with Steve Madden’s Schoolz. They’re so very comfy and make me feel like a badass; what a score!

1) try some patterned shorts

2) for a cooler day


3) for a dresser day look


4) don’t forget the accessories



Have a great weekend. Xxx