(Fall)ing for Mod

We are over half way through the summer now which for me means the anticipation of fall. Fall for me and for most woman alike means the beginning of a new meaningful relationship with her clothes. The roll around of september is a fresh start, a reinvention of old pieces with a cocktail mix of the new. This fall I have to reinvent the old by going mod. Much of my sartorial choices already come from a mod inspiration to some degree but this fall is all about full-fledged minis and rock ‘n’ roll as this years runways have fully embraced. Consider the following…

1) CARVEN wool-crepe mini skirt
2) TIBI ribbed-knit cotton sweater
3) Ankle or over the knee boots(preferable patent-leather)
4) Any jewelry that resembles space metal
5) Clean cuts
6) Portable record player(If you’re a die hard)

Follow these steps and you are sure to look like you stepped off the streets of London circa 1965.








Cheers to fall.


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